Monday, April 06, 2009

An Inauspicious Start

Plenty of excitement led up to last night's season opener, which fans have been looking forward to ever since the Twins dropped game No. 163 against the White Sox last fall, but unfortunately the sellout crowd in the Metrodome found little to get excited about during the actual game. The Twins managed just one run on six hits while falling 6-1 to the Mariners in their season opener.

While there's nothing fun about dropping the first game of the season, nothing from Monday night's contest merits particular concern. The Twins offense was shut down by an excellent starting pitcher, and while Francisco Liriano's results weren't great -- four runs over seven innings -- he allowed zero walks after struggling with his command this spring and induced a ton of ground balls.

I suspect the Twins will give a better performance tonight, when Nick Blackburn faces off against Erik Bedard.