Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Streak Busted

The Twins' winning streak in games I've attended has unfortunately come to a screeching halt, as the Twins lost both games I attended on my road trip. On Saturday, the Twins fell to the Cardinals at Busch Stadium and on Monday night they lost to the Royals. Neither game could aptly be described as remotely good from the perspective of a Twins fan, as the Twins rarely led and managed only two run-scoring hits in the 18 innings I watched. Nevertheless, both stadiums were beautiful (the renovations to Kauffman are downright awesome -- what a scoreboard!) and the trip was a lot of fun. I also can't feel too bad about the losses since the Twins have won every other game in the past two series and can claim a fourth straight road series victory with a win over the Royals tonight.

Alas, I'm exhausted from all the time I've spent on the road over the past few days so I need to call it an early night. I'll have something more substantive tomorrow.