Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Question to Ponder

The latest update on Orlando Hudson is that the team is unsure whether he'll be able to start tonight, ostensibly due to the fact that he's still having a hard time swinging the bat left-handed. Since the Rockies have right-hander Aaron Cook on the mound this evening, it would seem that Hudson's chances of playing will be slim if he's still not feeling right while swinging from the left side.

To which, I pose an honest question: Is there any reason Hudson has to bat from the left side against a righty? If he's feeling more comfortable swinging from the right, wouldn't we all prefer a righty-hitting Hudson -- even against a right-handed pitcher -- to Trevor Plouffe or Nick Punto in the No. 2 spot? Or is he so accustomed to hitting against opposite-handers that he'd struggle to adjust?


Jack said...

While I would love to have Hudson back as much as the next person, he probably hasn't hit righty against a right in 15 to 20 years. In a game that's all about timing, repetition and pitch recognition, that's too huge of a disadvantage. I think you'd weirdly rather have plouffe/harris out there. Sad, we need Old Man Hudson back.

Ed Bast said...

Boy, I don't know. I might rather have Hudson hit one-handed than any of the other slugs.

rghrbek said...

Hudson is a pro. It's not going to screw him up, for the same reason that switch hitters bat right against right handed knuckleballers.

This is far too logical for Gardy to think of, let alone follow through with. More Plouffe and his .130 average batting 2nd. Actually we may see valencia batting 2nd.

Karl said...

Who would be outraged if Gardy tried this lineup to perhaps jumpstart a struggling offense?
(Assuming Hudson is still not 100%)

Span CF
Mauer C
Morneau 1B
Thome DH
Young LF
Cuddyer RF
Automatic Out SS
Automatic Out 2B
Automatic Out 3B

What is the downside to this?

USAFChief said...

IMO, if Hudson's not 100 percent healthy, let him sit until he is. There's not enough upside to risk further injury. Wrist injuries are bad things for hitters. Worst possible thing would be to reinjure the wrist and have him spend another 3 weeks on the DL, or have it linger all season long, rendering Hudson ineffective.

rghrbek said...


Agreed with the make shift lineup. Plus the truth of it is damn funny.
The best argument to keep Hudson out is as USAChief says, if they are concerned about injury.

Rob said...

I for one am getting sick of watching the Rochester Red Wings play ball with some Twins mixed in there to raise attendence. Nonetheless, I agree with mixing things up in the batting order (Karl's list), and that Hudson (no longer O-Dawg, but O-Puppy) sit out until he is 100% healthy so we don't have to endure this streak of minor league baseball for much longer.

Josh said...

It's time to give Delmon Young a chance to bat higher in the order and drop Cuddyer down. Delmon is hitting like we all hoped he might when the trade was first made and is a bigger threat with RISP right now. Cuddy will get his swing back but should get a chance to relax a little hitting down in the 6 or 7 hole for a while.

If Hudson isn't available, Mauer should bat #2. It's absurd to think he'd struggle there (history shows he hits there just like he does everywhere else) and Punto/Tolbert/et al keep failing massively there and it's bad baseball.

I think it may be time to cut bait on Harris. And I'd really prefer to see the Twins take a chnace on seeing if Plouffe & Valencia can hit enough in the majors to stick. We know Tolbert can't and his D isn't good enough to keep him around. Plouffe hasn't been hitting, but it's small sample. Valencia has been doing better, but again...small sample. Time to give these guys a shot while Hardy & O-Dog are hurt rather than going back to the Gardy well of crappy banjo hitting INF.