Sunday, May 15, 2011

Technical Difficulties

Since running into maintenance issues late last week, Blogger has been struggling to restore full functionality to all blogs on its network. If you have run into trouble while trying to access the blog or the comments section (or noticed that your comment got deleted from the most recent post), I apologize but please know that this problem is out of my control. All I can do is wait for these issues to sort themselves out (hopefully by Monday or Tuesday at the latest) and ask that you bear with me.

It's annoying, but it happens. Besides, with the way the Twins have been playing, maybe Blogger's doing me a favor by limiting my ability to write about them.


Anonymous said...

Being a long time twins fan since i was a boy it sometimes is difficult for me to sit down and watch games with the job that i have. However, once or twice a week i get to sit down and watch one of the game, and i needed to say that this is the worst baseball i have seen in a very long time. Hell even when we were about to get kicked out of the league you know that the boys were trying but todays team just looks awful i dont know who to blame, or what the problem is. Everyone is just god awful. I have a hard time not insulting any of the players when they come up to bat, i think every pitch is going to go yard, this team has been playing so awful its embarassing. Everyone says it still early, i say **** early. Most teams that make playoffs start strong. Hell right now i would take a win every three games instead of droping eight strait. maybe the players need a good bitching out from gardenhire. I played as a collegiate athlete and sometime a good bitch out is necessary. I know they are pros but damn i see better effort from the fans chasing down foul balls than delmon young chasing a ball of the wall. Is it also bad that every time i see a twins pitcher take the mound i have an urge to start drinking. Anyways hope we win our next game.

Ed Bast said...

Hey at least Slowey was able to man up after nearly 3 grueling bullpen sessions in the span of 1 week and heroically allowed Gardy to insert him into the game. Someone might want to tell him not to throw meatballs down the middle to Bautista, though.

And you have to feel bad for Delmon. He takes a month off of work because it's too cold to stretch, and after he heroically allows Gardy to insert him into the lineup, the weather gets cold again. Poor guy can't catch a break!

And then there's our poor $23 mil man. He says he's as frustrated as the fans are that he won't say what's wrong with him or and that he refuses to DH or do anything else to help the team. At least he confirmed what I said weeks ago: that somebody, not a doctor, pulled the "bilateral leg weakness" thing out of a hat. Even the Mayo Clinic says there's nothing wrong with him. Poor Joe: why can't someone, anyone just find something wrong with him already? He's, like, sore, darn it!