Monday, March 21, 2005

Cuts, Cuddyer, and other notes

Top pitching prospect J.D. Durbin was cut this weekend from Twins camp following his frustrating performance thus far. Durbin, who has walked 10 batters in 8 innings, has been wild and erratic all spring. This dissapointment is similar to that of his call-up last fall to the majors. Durbin's inconsistency is problem, but the good news is that Scott Baker is standing out himself this spring.

Baker, who pitched three mediocre innings against the Phillies today, has had an impressive spring. He has been moving his fastball, changing speeds, and utilizing his good curve. Unlike Durbin, who seems to overthrow far too often, Baker is doing a good job pitching instead of throwing. If Baker can keep this up, he definitely deserve consideration as a set-up man or a possible mid-season replacement.

Other News:

- Michael Cuddyer went 3 for 3 Sunday, including his second homer of the spring. Cuddyer has been good at the plate this spring and even better with the glove. This is great news for the Twins, who were unsure of their stability in the infield following Koskie's departure. If Cuddyer can continue down this path, it would be great news for the Twins

- Jesse Crain pitched two scoreless innings in today's game. Its a positive note for Crain, who hasnt had a great spring so far. Hopefully, this is sign of Crain getting his game together. The Twins need him to produce the numbers he did after his August call-up last year.

- Torii Hunter stole two bases in today's game as well. Hunter continues to impress and improve his skills as a baseball player, which is amazing feat considering his resume. It would be wonderful to see Hunter finally break-out with a 30/30 season this year.