Thursday, March 17, 2005

A Sad Day for Baseball

Well, the Congressional hearings happened and yep, they were a complete waste of time and tax money. What was the result? Denial, denial, denial. Even Canseco didn't have the guts to say much of anything. It was really sad to see Big Mac step up and say something ridiculous like, "I'm not here to speak about the past." What? Then why else would you be called to the hearing, McGwire? I'm pretty sure you've spent the last three years in seclusion, so there isn't much to talk about when it comes to present life, other than, say, this looming steroids problem.

Of course, I am one to believe he did it at some point anyway. But, wow, he can sure pour out sympathy to the steroid-using kid who killed himself and his family. Lots of tears there. But nope... not going to talk about 1998 or address why these hearings were held. Just say it, Mac. If you're clean, you would have said it. Now, any good grace you had is gone. You're almost as bad as Canseco. And at least he admits it, but you won't.

And Sammy? I know you did some 'roids. Its not hard to tell, Big Fella. So, when you're under oath, don't lie to everyone. You have no reputation to protect anymore after your famous walk-out last season. Tsk tsk, Sosa.

Schilling? You're just another Republican hack, so watch your mouth. I wouldn't be surprised if you juiced a little bit. You try to come off as a great hero, and after all, it's worked for you. But who says you're perfect? You did nothing but point fingers all day.

Thomas? Palmeiro? Same deal. Palmeiro probably didn't do steroids and maybe the Big Hurt didn't either, so we can leave them out of it for now. But my real question to the Congressmen in all this (other than its obvious failures), is where is Bonds? The one guy that matters so much to this issue isn't to be seen. Of course, if he was there, he'd be just as big-headed as McGwire or Sosa. It's not as if he'd admit it, why would he?

That's what is really sad. Peter Gammons said it best a few days ago when he wrote that we should promote new, young stars in the aftermath of steroids. I agree. Hell, promote the whole Twins team. How could they be near steroids?? They haven't had 30 HRs since Wall Street! Promote Vladimir Guerrero, Juan Pierre, Johan Santana, Albert Pujols and the other loads of young talent and let's leave Bonds, Sosa, and the others in the dust. If they can't admit it, what does it matter anyways??