Saturday, March 05, 2005

First Preseason Win!

Hey all-

The Twins won their first two preseason games today. Brad Radke pitched two solid innings, as did Juan Rincon. Bad sign however: Juan Castro made three errors! If Castro is supposed to be a good defensive player, but a vacant offensive force, three-error games will not cut it, spring training or not. Otherwise, bench hopeful Jason Tyner had a home run and three RBIs while Torii Hunter, Justin Morneau, and Matt LeCroy all saw action and got hits as the Twins beat the Red Sox 12-7.

In another game against the Pirates, other regulars also saw action. Jacques Jones had two hits, Jason Bartlett had two hits, and Eric Munson and Michael Cuddyer each had one. Up-and-coming pitching prospect Scott Baker pitched two perfect innings. Baker, along with J.D. Durbin, are both great pitching prospects who are competiting for the fifth spot in the rotation. A good spring should mean a spot on the team later in the year and likely next year.

However, the best Twins news has to be the signing of Joe Nathan to a two-year extension. Like with Santana, the Twins stepped up and gave well-earned money to a core playing for a team that relies on its pitching and defense. This is great news and gives more hope and exciting to the coming season.